The Charles Sing research group at the University of Illinois: Urbana-Champaign tackles problems in polymer physics using a combination of theoretical and computational tools. Polymer systems are ubiquitous in the worlds of technology and biology, and exhibit extraordinary versatility in their properties and applications. This vast relevancy means that a fundamental physical understanding of polymers drives and informs research in biotechnology, energy, green chemistry, medicine, and advanced materials.
Polymers are the building blocks of life (e.g. protein, DNA, RNA, etc.), and we find inspiration in the subtle yet complex control exerted by Nature. We seek to emulate this control by focusing on both the dynamics and equilibrium structure of polymers, with an emphasis on the design and manipulation of features on multiple, interacting length and time scales. While we may consider specific systems or applications, our aspiration is to elucidate fundamental principles that can be incorporated directly into a wide variety of designed polymer systems.