May 2019 Congratulations Jason Madinya on passing the Prelim Exam and becoming a PhD candidate

May 2019 – Congratulations to Dr. Tyler Lytle and Dr. Kate Dahlke for passing their defense. They are the first batch of Sing Group graduates!

IMG_2529IMG_2418March 2019 – The Sing group goes to 2019 APS March Meeting in Boston. 7 talks and two posters!

March 2019 – Congratulations Tyler Lytle for becoming a 2019 Padden Award finalist!

January 2019 – Liliana Bello passed her Quantitative Qualifying Exam, congrats!

December 2018 – Congratulations Charles Young on passing the Prelim Exam and becoming a PhD candidate!

October 2018 – The Sing group welcomes new members Liliana Bello (ChBE) and Tianyuan Pan (MatSE)

October 2018 – Charles Young and Charles Sing present at 2018 SOR Annual Meeting

October 2018 – Kate Dahlke presents at 2018 AIChE Meeting

July 2018 – Kate Dahlke and Tyler Lytle present at 2018 Polymer Physics Gordon Research Conference

July 2018 – Congratulations to Charlie for receiving the 3M Corporate Fellowship!

July 2018 – Charles receives NSF grant for “Molecular Motions in Flowing Semi-dilute Polymer Solutions”

June 2018 – Prof. Charles Sing wins the 2018 SCS Teaching Excellence Award!

March 2018 – The Sing group goes to the APS meeting in Los Angeles! Kate, Tyler, and Charlie all give great talks!

Novenber 2017 – Charlie Young wins the 1st place poster prize at the UIUC ChBE Graduate Student Symposium! Congratulations, Charlie!

October 2017 – We welcome two new graduate students, Michael Samp and Gary Ong, to the group!

August 2017 – Kate Dahlke starts as a Mavis Future Faculty Fellow for the 2017-2018 year!

June 2017 – We welcome two new undergraduates, Anthony and Jing, to the group!

March 2017 – Graduate student Jason Madinya receives the prestigious NSF GRFP. Congratulations, Jason, to receiving this well-deserved honor!

March 2017 – The Sing group goes to the APS meeting in New Orleans. Kate and Tyler give their first talks at a major conference!

February 2017 – The Sing group saved the world from the evil Artificial Intelligence!


February 2017 – Prof. Sing has received a NSF CAREER award for “Developing the design rules of charge sequence to inform polymer self-assembly”!

October 2016 – Kate Dahlke and Tyler Lytle have both received travel awards.  Congratulations, Kate and Tyler!

October 2016 – We welcome Jason Madinya and Charlie Young to the group!

June 2016 – Mithun has accepted a job as an Asst. Prof. at IIT Gandhinagar.  Congratulations, Mithun!

June 2016 – Jason has joined our group for the summer as a student in the Summer Pre-Doctoral Institute.  Welcome, Jason!

May 2016 – Michael Marvin has earned his Masters degree and will be working at Hyland Software. Congratulations, Michael!

December 2015 – Linling Miao will receive the 2016 Chia-Chu Fellowship! Congratulations, Linling!IMG_20151121_183634680

November 2015 – The Sing group has a potluck. We have fun.

October 2015 – Kate Dahlke wins the 1st place poster prize at the UIUC ChBE Graduate Student Symposium! Congratulations, Kate!

July 2015 – Our new paper on complex coacervates is out in Macromolecules.

May 2015 – Congratulations to Prof. Sing’s PhD advisor Alfredo Alexander-Katz for getting tenure at MIT!

March 2015 – The research group goes bowling!Winner Dahlke-250x167

March 2015 – Prof. Sing and Mithun talk about charge correlations at interfaces and complex coacervates at the APS March Meeting in San Antonio.

January 2015 – Prof. Sing is chosen as one of the 30 under 30 for science!

November 2014 – The first group members start off with a potluck at Prof. Sing’s house – welcome to Mithun, Kate, Tyler, and Michael!

COVERJune 2014 – Prof. Sing’s postdoctoral work on Li-ion battery membranes and block copolyelectrolytes published in Nature Materials as a cover article. See press release from Northwestern University here. This work was also featured in Physics Today and the MRS Bulletin!

August 2014 – The Sing research group is officially open for business!