Sep 2021 – Congratulations Tianyuan Pan on passing the Prelim Exam and becoming a PhD candidate!

June 2021 – The Sing group attended the 2021 Virtual Midwest Thermo and Stat Mech Conference. Jason, Lili, Tianyuan and Ashley gave talks; Whitney, Hyeonmin and Tsai-Wei gave poster presentations. Thanks to Prof. Van Lehn for hosting this wonderful event!

June 2021 – Lili is selected for Student Travel Grant for the 2021 GEM Annual Board Meeting & Conference. Congrats!

May 2021 – Congratulations Tianyuan on being selected as a Mavis Future Faculty Fellow (2021-2022 academic year) by the Grainger College of Engineering!

May 2021 – Congratulations Liliana Bello on passing the Prelim Exam and becoming a PhD candidate!

March 2021 – Congratulations Tianyuan on receiving the Spring 2021 Conference Travel (Presentation) Award from the Graduate College!

GroupPicture_Oct_2020March 2021 – The Sing group joins 2021 APS March Meeting online. 6 talks and one poster!

March 2021 – Congratulations Charlie for becoming a 2021 Padden Award finalist!

2020 – The Sing group helds several virtual events to maintain social activeness during the tough time of Covid-19. We are still connected in those unusual times!

October 2020 –  The Sing group welcomes new ChBE students Tsai-Wei Lin and DJ Walker

August 2020 – The Sing group welcomes new postdoctoral fellow Whitney Blocher McTigue

July 2020 – Lili was invited to present at the Virtual Polymer Physics SymposiumScreen Shot 2020-12-18 at 4.30.57 PM

May 2020 – Lili wins SCS Teaching award, congrats!

Feburary 2020 – Tianyuan passed his MatSE Qualifying Exam, congrats!

December 2019 The Sing group celebrates a busy and eventful 2019 with a group dinner!Image from iOS (3)

November 2019 Natalia wins 1st place in the AIChE Undergraduate Poster Session, in the Materials Engineering and Sciences division. Congratulations, Natalia!

October 2019 Lili wins 1st place in the Poster Competition at the 2019 ChBE Graduate Research Symposium

October 2019 The Sing Group welcomes new Biophysics student Ashley Knoerdel and ChBE student Hyeonmin Jeong

October 2019 Charles Young and Charles Sing present at 2019 SOR Annual Meeting

July 2019 Congratulation to our summer research trainee DJ Walker for winning Outstanding Oral Presentation at the 2019 Illinois Summer Research Symposiumimage_67223041

May 2019 Congratulations Jason Madinya on passing the Prelim Exam and becoming a PhD candidate

May 2019 – Congratulations to Dr. Tyler Lytle and Dr. Kate Dahlke for passing their defense. They are the first batch of Sing Group graduates!

March 2019 – The Sing group goes to 2019 APS March Meeting in Boston. 7 talks and two posters!

March 2019 – Congratulations Tyler Lytle for becoming a 2019 Padden Award finalist!

January 2019 – Liliana Bello passed her Quantitative Qualifying Exam, congrats!

December 2018 – Congratulations Charles Young on passing the Prelim Exam and becoming a PhD candidate!

October 2018 – The Sing group welcomes new members Liliana Bello (ChBE) and Tianyuan Pan (MatSE)

October 2018 – Charles Young and Charles Sing present at 2018 SOR Annual Meeting

October 2018 – Kate Dahlke presents at 2018 AIChE MeetingIMG_2418

July 2018 – Kate Dahlke and Tyler Lytle present at 2018 Polymer Physics Gordon Research Conference

July 2018 – Congratulations to Charlie for receiving the 3M Corporate Fellowship!

July 2018 – Charles receives NSF grant for “Molecular Motions in Flowing Semi-dilute Polymer Solutions”

June 2018 – Prof. Charles Sing wins the 2018 SCS Teaching Excellence Award!

March 2018 – The Sing group goes to the APS meeting in Los Angeles! Kate, Tyler, and Charlie all give great talks!

Novenber 2017 – Charlie Young wins the 1st place poster prize at the UIUC ChBE Graduate Student Symposium! Congratulations, Charlie!

October 2017 – We welcome two new graduate students, Michael Samp and Gary Ong, to the group!

IMG_2529August 2017 – Kate Dahlke starts as a Mavis Future Faculty Fellow for the 2017-2018 year!

June 2017 – We welcome two new undergraduates, Anthony and Jing, to the group!

March 2017 – Graduate student Jason Madinya receives the prestigious NSF GRFP. Congratulations, Jason, to receiving this well-deserved honor!

March 2017 – The Sing group goes to the APS meeting in New Orleans. Kate and Tyler give their first talks at a major conference!

February 2017 – The Sing group saved the world from the evil Artificial Intelligence!


February 2017 – Prof. Sing has received a NSF CAREER award for “Developing the design rules of charge sequence to inform polymer self-assembly”!

October 2016 – Kate Dahlke and Tyler Lytle have both received travel awards.  Congratulations, Kate and Tyler!

October 2016 – We welcome Jason Madinya and Charlie Young to the group!

June 2016 – Mithun has accepted a job as an Asst. Prof. at IIT Gandhinagar.  Congratulations, Mithun!

escape_roomJune 2016 – Jason has joined our group for the summer as a student in the Summer Pre-Doctoral Institute.  Welcome, Jason!

May 2016 – Michael Marvin has earned his Masters degree and will be working at Hyland Software. Congratulations, Michael!

December 2015 – Linling Miao will receive the 2016 Chia-Chu Fellowship! Congratulations, Linling!

November 2015 – The Sing group has a potluck. We have fun.

October 2015 – Kate Dahlke wins the 1st place poster prize at the UIUC ChBE Graduate Student Symposium! Congratulations, Kate!

July 2015 – Our new paper on complex coacervates is out in Macromolecules.

IMG_20151121_183634680May 2015 – Congratulations to Prof. Sing’s PhD advisor Alfredo Alexander-Katz for getting tenure at MIT!

March 2015 – The research group goes bowling!

March 2015 – Prof. Sing and Mithun talk about charge correlations at interfaces and complex coacervates at the APS March Meeting in San Antonio.

January 2015 – Prof. Sing is chosen as one of the 30 under 30 for science!

November 2014 – The first group members start off with a potluck at Prof. Sing’s house – welcome to Mithun, Kate, Tyler, and Michael!

COVERJune 2014 – Prof. Sing’s postdoctoral work on Li-ion battery membranes and block copolyelectrolytes published in Nature Materials as a cover article. See press release from Northwestern University here. This work was also featured in Physics Today and the MRS Bulletin!

Winner Dahlke-250x167August 2014 – The Sing research group is officially open for business!