The Sing group has developed a series of computer programs for use as educational tools, intended to complement experimental investigations into polymer science concepts.
These programs are free to use, and illustrate important ideas in polymer physics! They should run on any Mac computer, and updated versions will be occasionally uploaded.
Primary developer: Michael Marvin.
While free to use, please let us know if you plan on incorporating these into your outreach activities!

Chain-Growth and Step-Growth Polymerization

2-D models of how chain-growth and step-growth synthesis of polymers works. Change parameters such as initiator concentration, termination, monomer concentration, binding constants, etc.


A simple 2-D model of gelation, with difunctional and trifunctional monomers. Binding and unbinding rates can be adjusted.

Single-Chain Pulling

A single freely-jointed polymer chain is tethered between two points. The temperature can be changed, as well as the number of monomers. Force can be measured – it is possible to recreate the force-extension curve for a chain that can be compared to the theory!

Nylon Rope Trick

A classic experimental demo…now in computational form! Pull a monomer to the green square, and watch the polymer be extracted from a mixture of red and blue copolymerizing monomers.